Love Addiction is More Than Codependence:

Love Addict has difficulty with symptoms of codependency, then chooses addictive behaviors and internal process to compensate. A Love Addict seeks to enmesh, to blend into another person. Underneath all of this is both a fear of abandonment and a fear of healthy intimacy, even if they pretend to look for it.When codependent corrects behavior, they can manage their life. But Love Addict goes through severe withdrawal. ” Love Addiction like other addictive processes is an obsessive-compulsive process used to relieve or medicate intolerable reality.”

Abandonment and Difficulty Connecting:

Love Addicts did not bond well with their original caregivers when they were young children, experiencing a serious sense of abandonment. The message was, “Because you are worthless and unlovable, I will not care for you”.
This kind of neglect and early loss creates low self-esteem and exaggerated longing. Emotional needs are immense. Love Addicts have enormous fear about being able to connect emotionally.

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