Care You Expect

We have created a simple patient checklist to find  what care you should receive from healthcare professional if you are suffering from addiction or alcoholism, which outlines 15 healthcare essentials, based on the care standards set out by International best treatment facilities like Hazelden, Betty Ford, and also endorsed by National Institute of Drug Abuse. These includes:  

  1. Structured Family Intervention.
  2. Withdrawal management and dual diagnosis.
  3. Group therapy, Individual counseling.
  4. Twelve Steps Program.
  5. Intensive education program for patient.
  6. Intensive education program for family members.
  7. Patient-family regular meeting during treatment.
  8. Aftercare Program, Relapse Prevention Plan.

We want people with addiction and alcoholism across the Pakistan to use this checklist to ensure they are getting all the care they should be. Those who find gaps in their care are encouraged to take the checklist to their healthcare team and raise the issue with them.