Women and Alcohol: Are Women More Vulnerable to Alcohol’s Effects?

  Alcohol is a problem that all people face regardless of gender, age, employment or marital status. Women are particularly at risk of the negative aspects of alcohol, which can include an increased risk of alcohol-related crimes or abuse. Women also face unique challenges regarding their health and well being when they drink alcohol. Serious health concerns such as depression,…
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Opioid Dependence and Withdrawal:

A person is said to have physical opioid dependence if they have high ‘tolerance’ of opioids, meaning they need more of the opioid to get the desired effect. Opioid withdrawal symptoms occur when the substance is stopped. Most patients who seek treatment for opioid addiction also have some degree of physical dependence. However, physical opioid dependence alone is not sufficient…
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Symptoms of Teen Substance Abuse:

Addiction is defined as the continued use of a mood-altering substance or behavior despite adverse consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors. Some people can use alcohol or drugs and never become addicted or suffer negative consequences. Others struggle greatly with addiction. Several factors play a part in addiction, including family and social environment, overall mental health, genetics,…
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