Mental Health

Drug Induced Hallucinations: Distorted Sensory Perceptions

A hallucination is the experience of seeing or hearing things that aren’t there while awake and conscious. Hallucinations can be auditory, visual, and even kinesthetic, they can make a person feel things like being touched or pinched. They can trick a person into believing the unbelievable, or that they are in a place they are not.Hallucinations can be intense or mild…
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Methamphetamine Brain Damage From Drug Use:

Scientists and researchers have linked chronic and long term methamphetamine abuse to significant brain changes and tissue damage. MRI scans of individuals who are methamphetamine addicts show distinct cell loss in particular regions, including the limbic and hippocampus. The limbic system is primarily responsible for emotions and formation of memories. The hippocampus is one area of the limbic system that…
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