Recovering Alcoholic vs Recovered Alcoholic: Labels in Recovery

These days there are many options for how people can escape an addiction. The different approaches have led to the development of different terminology. Sometimes the differences in language will be minor, but they can also express fundamental differences for how each approach views addiction and recovery. One of the most contentious disagreements in terminology is in relation to the…
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Liver and Alcohol Breakdown: How Alcohol Leaves a Body

The liver is your largest internal organ, weighing about 1.5 kg in adults. Your liver sits just under your ribs in the upper, right-hand side of your abdomen. It performs more than 500 functions, including: 1: processing nutrients from food 2: storing energy 3: making bile to help with digestion of dietary fats 4: filtering toxic chemicals and bacteria from the body 5: helping with…
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Things to Do in Recovery

When people give up an addiction they will suddenly find that they have a great deal more free time. This is because abusing alcohol and drugs can be a full-time occupation. The individual will be used to spending hours each day seeking, using and getting over the effects of their substance abuse. When they enter recovery, they will need to…
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