The Development of Addiction

Not everyone who uses alcohol or recreational drugs will develop an addition. This has led to a lot of speculation about why some people end up abusing these substances while most do not. It is now suggested that some individuals are simply more at risk of developing an addiction than others. This may be due to genetic or environmental factors,…
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Understanding Relapse

Relapse is more than just using alcohol or drugs. It is the progressive process of becoming so dysfunctional in recovery that self-medication with alcohol or drugs seems like a reasonable choice. The relapse process is a lot like knocking over a line of dominoes. The first domino hits the second, which hits the third, and soon a progressive chain reaction…
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Relapse Excuses are Always Weak

Those individuals who relapse after a period in recovery will always have an excuse. Such explanations never justify their return to alcohol or drug abuse. There can be no adequate justification. Usually the individual will recognize themselves that their excuses sound weak. They may have acted at a time when they were not thinking clearly. Those who are honest will…
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